Starting on June 22nd, 2018 Canna Demos will be offering $99 weekday pop-ups  across Southern Colorado in both Pueblo and Trinidad. This decision was made after the team realized that the further away from Denver, the harder it was to send a representative out to do an event.

Cannabis vendors who are willing to make the nearly 500-mile round trip trek have been able to truly stand out in the Southern Colorado region by having pop-ups in dispensaries to showcase their products. Canna Demos saw right away a proven increase in sales by using customer-to-customer sales techniques such as compliant education, serving suggestions, and simply recommending one specific brand at a time. Even when a customer comes to shop with a purchase list in mind, they are curious about pop-ups and eager to learn.

The dispensary demo is a rare occurrence in Trinidad, “We get maybe..two popups a year” said a lead budtender at Rooted, “and I’ve been here for years.” “What’s a pop-up?” Replied the other budtender behind the counter. Furthermore, when discussing product favorites with dispensary staff, it was clear the brands who took the time to interact were top of mind. With 48 store licenses in Pueblo and 27 in Trinidad, this is a market that should not be left alone.

With any untapped market, the companies who can travel are able to spread their products state-wide, and truly capture a percentage of sales. Canna Demos aims to give their clients the advantage of affordable and frequent dispensary representation in multiple regions.